A downloadable game for Windows

Simon is in a pique. He decided to do something crazy. It's pratically suicide!

Created for GameBoy Jam 5.

Made with GameMaker Studio

*you can maximize the window to your liking*

*WASD to move.

*Space to do things.

*Enter to do other things.

*No mouse.

*No checkpoints.

Install instructions

Click on Pique.exe. Play.


Pique.exe 2 MB


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Big Brother...is that a 1984 reference? :P

Interesting concept, a little too confusing on what you're supposed to do. I didn't get very far, but the graphics are nice, and I might come back to it once the jam is over. There could definitely be some more alternate controls for the space bar and Enter though. The current two are a bit of a stretch. But I'm curious to see how this game goes.

Yes, it was a reference! Honestly, it was my first game, so it is pretty confusing and too difficult. Thank you for playing it, and your words mean a lot to me. I tried to make something simple that I could finish in time, and this game helped me to improve my skills a lot. I hope I can remake it someday, outside the jam, with easier controls and better everything.

Just in case you still want to play this impossible game (my sister is still calling me names for making the game too hard and confusing), and want some help:

You press *Enter* turn off the electronics, so Big Brother doesn't see you and appear in the next room. You escape the dog by jumping (Space) quickly on plataforms or stairs (*Space* then hold *W*, you have to be quick).

It should be impossible to escape Big Brother, the dog you can escape and kill.